Hello awesome peoples, This may or may not be the final blog entry for now, but don’t worry, it’ll be good, since it was the day of THE SKY TOWEEEEEEERRR. So, yesterday (the 2nd) started off with an AMAZING brekkie at Hollywood Café in the centre of Northcote. CC had Eggs Hollandaise and I had […]


 Baaaaaaaa, Welcome to Christmas Part 2. And Sheepworld. Especially Sheepworld. Because I LOVED Sheepworld. (Edit: Or, actually JUST Sheepworld. It seemed to need its whole own entry. :P)   Yesterday morning (the 28th) CC and I drove to Sheepworld, 20mins away from Wellsford. Sheepworld is… a world of sheep. And of many other farm animals, who […]


means bless you in Maori. No it doesn’t really. I’ve just been having serious problems trying to come up with a title for this. Ok so Christmas special-time. HAPPY CHRISTMAS. This is my favourite tree in NZ, the Pohutakawa, also known as the ‘NZ Christmas tree’. GORGEOUS eh!? Our more ‘traditional’ Christmas will be tomorrow […]

Rotorua Part 2: Kiwis and Tuataras and the experience of lugeing!

iHOLA! So, continuing about Friday. Rainbow Springs. Rainbow Springs is “based around NZ’s largest and most successful Kiwi Conservation Centre” and have released over 1,000 kiwis into the wild. ( In addition to kiwis, it has loads of endemic NZ trees and birds and fish and lots of information on them.Firstly I just have to […]