The Bullet Train to Kyoto

aka Travelling in Hope. The Japanese Bullet Train is a classic. Like the Eiffel Tower in France, kiwis in New Zealand, Langkawi Sky Bridge in Malaysia, or toasted rye bread in Finland, it’s something you really shouldn’t miss if you’ve made the effort to go visit the country. Especially for me, I guess I have […]

The last 24 hours in Tokyo

…which include AMAZING JAPANESE FOOD, autumnal colours and tilted roofed houses around the Imperial Palace Gardens, the Tokyo Metropolitan Building and its high views, the electric city Akihabara, with a final morning ending with Shibuya crossing (part 3) and what else than SUSHI. ____________ Did you know Japanese sugar comes in long tubes? (Did you […]

Quirky Harajuku Street

Osaka, Tokyo You Harajuku girls Damn, you’ve got some wicked style… Sings Gwen Stefani in probably her best song, What you waiting for? many, many years ago. One of the things I was most looking forward to in Tokyo was the famous Harajuku shopping street, spotting funkily dressed, stylish, fashionable Japanese people and, well, maybe be able […]