Day 10: A Nice day in Nice FEAT. MONACO

Even though muffins/croissants/pain au chocolats are a tasty breakfast, they’re not exactly filling, but it’s difficult to find anything else in France if you eat out. But, not in Nice! During our morning walk we discovered numerous cafés that did ‘English breakfasts’, which meant: omelettes. So indulged in a relatively scrumptious ‘English breakfast’ in the […]

Day 8: Sète

 Got up early to get the 8.20 train out of Toulouse (this time with our backpacks!) as well as recheck the Japanese Garden we had looked around the first evening (I had been very hungry and grumpy and CC hadn’t enjoyed it enough and wanted to go back). Very pretty and we got some hideously […]

French Dinner

A “test” entry about my cultural French experience. FRENCH DINNER 🙂 Once upon a time I had a French dinner. It was amazing. Unfortunately it happened to be the day I dyed my hair bright orange, and it felt a bit awkward entering the posh LE P’TIT NICOLAS restaurant with these two older French couples, into this large area that […]