Feb 13th: Pancake Tuesday

It’s Shrove Tuesday aka Mardi Gras aka Pancake Day! Since I am currently in England it obviously had to be celebrated with pancakes, and my lovely friend Nicola who I’m staying with obliged to celebrate by making her own recipe of chocolate pancakes for breakfast. And they were absolutely delish, topped with vanilla yoghurt and […]

Feb 9th: National Pizza Day

Pizza day, what an excuse! I celebrated Pizza day by visiting this interesting Pizzarium lunch restaurant I’d been interested in trying for a long time. I went with my friend Hanna and both decided on the eggplant and mushroom pizza without knowing it was the vegan option. Meaning no cheese. Ah well. But as cheeseless pizzas […]

Jan 21st: International Sweatpants Day

International Sweatpants Day is a celebration of more than just what Americans call JOGGING BOTTOMS. I’m trying to decide if sweatpants or jogging bottoms is a more ridiculous term.  “Sweatpants” symbolise relaxing (like my polar friend in the picture above), and therefore Sweatpants Day also encourages you to take a break from your potentially stressful, […]

Gdansking it for the weekend

Neither Hayzybob nor I had been to a new country this year, and 2017 is coming to a close threateningly quickly. So last month we pinpointed our meeting point to Gdansk, which I’d heard good things and seen beautiful pictures of – a one-of-a-kind town with recognisable circular towers and buildings. It used to be […]

Cafes of Vienna, 3+1


Vienna is known for its good coffee, lavish cakes and buzzing café culture. During our stay we managed to visit one or two, so here we have Viennese cafes, 3+1! (Flashback to my 2016 Central Europe trip, so obviously things may have changed since then…)     Café Diglas Cafe Diglas, according to efficient Hayzybobz’s efficient […]

A brief burst of Bratislava

Which city is the only capital in the world that borders two countries? Chances are that you’ve already read the title, and therefore already have rather a reliable hunch for the answer, so give yourself a pat on the back and a large portion of parene buchty (steamed dumplings filled with jam) if you answered BRATISLAVA! […]