Jan 7th: Russian Christmas

С Рождеством!   Today it’s Russian Christmas. I love Russia. I’ve been attending Russian courses at the local Adult Education Centre thing in Helsinki for the past year, but unfortunately I can’t continue this spring due to work commitments. But I intend to study the necessary chapters by myself and join my beloved classmates again in […]

Jan 5th: National Bird Day

It seems like all the Helsinki birds were at home with their families celebrating National Bird Day because they didn’t particularly make an appearance outside. I don’t blame them particularly, because this year National Bird Day coincided with Arguably The Ugliest Day Of The Year. (Come on snow, where are you??)   My lovely housie […]

Jan 4th: World Braille Day

Today is World Braille Day, commemorating the work of the hero and inventor of braille, Louis Braille. Louis was born exactly 217 years ago, and he became blind in childhood due to an unfortunate accident, but as an innovative, passionate learner he developed a tactile system of reading for the visually impaired, with the usage […]

Jan 3rd: Drinking Straw Day

Today is National Drinking Straw Day! Once again, it’s a ridiculously warm winter here in Helsinki, around +4 degrees. It’s sad, it’s worrying, it’s annoying, but at least it constitutes as iced latte-worthy weather, right?   (Unstraw-related ponderings:) Today was generally quite an eventful day, and not in the best ways. I was in the middle […]

Jan 1st: Polar Bear Plunge Day

Today is national “Polar Bear Plunge Day”. This translates less excitingly as “ice swimming”, and since I live in Finland and have never partaken in the said activity, it seemed like a cool way to start the year with a splash.* I had been in touch with my parents’ town’s local ice swimming organisation, Lahden […]

The day before 2018

HAPPY 2018!! In six hours I will have survived 365 days without chocolate. Now is time for the 2018 New Year’s Resolution! There is something to celebrate every day, and luckily there seems to be a national or international day for every single topic you can think of. My 2018 challenge for myself therefore is […]

Gdansking it for the weekend

Neither Hayzybob nor I had been to a new country this year, and 2017 is coming to a close threateningly quickly. So last month we pinpointed our meeting point to Gdansk, which I’d heard good things and seen beautiful pictures of – a one-of-a-kind town with recognisable circular towers and buildings. It used to be […]