Jan 7th: Russian Christmas

С Рождеством!  

Today it’s Russian Christmas. I love Russia.

Afternoon snack

I’ve been attending Russian courses at the local Adult Education Centre thing in Helsinki for the past year, but unfortunately I can’t continue this spring due to work commitments. But I intend to study the necessary chapters by myself and join my beloved classmates again in the autumn.

So what better day to do some Russian studying than today! I’m not sure I actually memorised anything, but at least I got to do lots of pretty writing!

When to use different Russian cases
Are you travelling by foot or vehicle?

Despite original grandiose plans of cooking Russian food for today, especially since I was spending the day at my parents’, in the end I was disinclined to fix up a traditional Russian Christmas feast (according to wikipedia it features delights such as meat jelly and stuffed pig’s head). Instead, my father and I celebrated by consuming lunch (frozen pizza with the toppings carved off, served with delicately sliced potato) off these plates.

Lunch was a little bit more, fear not.

We also celebrated by eating colourful konfeti (Russian chocolates), examining Matrushkas, wearing Matrushka earrings (just me) and conversing in rusty Russian.

Russian history, culture and culinary greatness

Russian chocolate grows on you. Shall we sample the squirrel or camel one this time round?

(PS. I wish Russian chocolate would actually grow on me. Like, literally. Or well, any chocolate. Imagine that.)

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  1. Oh, that father of yours! I am reliably informed that he did not scrape the topping off his pizza, and that it was not frozen when served. You also failed to mention the significance of the plates you and your father ate your Russian-style pizza off of: didn’t you live seven informative years of your life in Kazan?

    1. Yes, but sometimes one must limit what one writes in one’s blog! Kazan <3

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