Jan 6th: Three Kings Day

Three Kings Day celebrates the three wise men, or Magi, who came bearing gifts to Jesus. Traditionally they brought gold, frankincense (a kind of incense) and myrrh (an embalming oil).

Coincidentally my friend Nikki was celebrating her birthday on Three Kings Day, so I thought I would celebrate by bringing her appropriate presents.


I have no gold, but luckily Finnish shops sell other golden things. I didn’t find any golden coins, but I got her a ‘Gold Lonkero’, a type of energy drink flavoured long drink. (Kultalonkero)


I have no frankincense, and incense in general doesn’t seem like the most useful present for people from my culture, generation and era, so I got her something else nice-smelling and cleansing. Hand soap.


I have no myrrh, and I don’t think my friend would take receiving embalming oil too positively (it is used for dead bodies, after all), so I got her a more useful type of oil. Cooking oil.

No myrrh oil

Unfortunately Nikki didn’t seem to appear too thrilled with the presents – especially the Kultalonkero did not generate positive feelings. Luckily she preferred her other, ‘real’ present though.

I did find the soap in the bathroom later on though. 😉

Three Kings, modern version

In Finland Epiphany is the day when you take down your Christmas tree, and in France it is the day of Galette de Roi, when you eat a flaky marzipan cake and see who gets the little figurine hidden within.

Happy Three Kings Day! (despite being a bit too late now!)

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  1. The three kings are called Wise Men in some Bible versions. Have I told you about my five wise men? A couple of years ago they left Iraq (the same place as where their biblical counterparts also probably lived) and also found Jesus.

    1. Erm I don’t think so! Yes wise men 😀

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