Jan 5th: National Bird Day

It seems like all the Helsinki birds were at home with their families celebrating National Bird Day because they didn’t particularly make an appearance outside. I don’t blame them particularly, because this year National Bird Day coincided with Arguably The Ugliest Day Of The Year. (Come on snow, where are you??)



Solo poser

My lovely housie decided to support me on my endeavours to go bird-spotting, so we went for a walk at a nearby lakeside and discussed differences between magpies and crows. According to Wikipedia the Finnish ‘varis’ (crow) can also be called a hooded crow, or even a hoodie! Have you heard of this?

I should know more about bird names because frankly darling, they are most marvellous. Did you know the willow warbler is the most common bird in Finland? The second most common is the common chaffinch. Fifth is the brambling. The seventh the spotted flycatcher. Maybe I will start learning bird names.

I love birds, and it’s nice to get a reason to make a point of noticing them – you get so used to them around you! However, there are certain things you can appreciate without having to know all their names, adorable as they may be. (Birds, flowers, dodgy exotic foods, etc.)

Though this bird’s name I know. It’s Fred. He’s my fave.

Fred lives in Lille. And no, I didn’t take this today.

Maybe I’ll tweet this on my never-used Twitter account, just for today.

Happy national bird day!

4 Replies to “Jan 5th: National Bird Day”

  1. Fred is my favourite as well! Equal to puffins – which we unfortunately don’t have in Finland. Thank you for an interesting post! Äx

    1. <3 And penguins! And kiwis!

  2. God to see Fred making an appearance again! I’ll allow you to repost my picture of a Golden Eagle if you like 🙂

    1. Thank you!

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