Jan 2nd: Happy Mew Year!

I guess with nine lives you can start your new year a day late. 

And in all fairness, I’m pretty sure you could decide on a whim that official New Year’s Day is today, and none of humanity would bat an eyelid. You are the Boss.

Unfortunately I have no cats of my own, but I was pawsitively thrilled to spend New Year’s with my friends’ cats, petting them (in the case of Oreo) and trying to pet them (in the case of Kiki).


Other nice moggies can be found at Helsinki cat café, a cattractive place to get rid of your catlessness blues.

#squadgoals at the local cat cafe, Helkatti

One of my favourite ever cats was my housemate Megan’s cat Miumiu in Vietnam, who was adopted as a kitten off the streets and brought us mognificent amounts of joy as our friend/companion/cockroach destroyer/sofa scratcher/katgaroo/catfish.

Where’s Roo?
Our landlady had left an empty aquarium in our flat which you can admire the world from.

Also, as my dear friend Hannele pointed out, ‘Mew’ is also a band. And their song ‘156’ has remained in miaow top songs for over a decade now.

Happy Mew Year!

4 Replies to “Jan 2nd: Happy Mew Year!”

  1. Tässäkin postauksessa esiintyy sun seeprabikinit 😀 Haastan sut ujuttamaan ne mahdollisimman moneen päivään 😛 !

  2. I’m racking my brains for a pun to include in my comment, but you seem to have already mewsed all the best ones.

  3. I miss Miumiu!!!

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