Jan 20th: Camcorder Day

A camcorder was originally a portable combination of a video camera and a video recorder.

Nowadays we see them slightly less, but in celebration of camcorder day I found myself in the deep Wikipedia realms of cinematography, highest grossing movies and finally, a youtube video of a weatherman with a see-through tie. It’s been productive.

  • Tapes were used in videography until around 2006, when they were replaced by digital recording in the forms of mini-HD, internal flash memory and SD cards.


  • On the then cutting-edge movie Avatar: It was released in 2009 and is still the highest-grossing movie in history. Originally, however, director James Cameron had planned on a 1999 release, but postponed it due to the simple fact that advanced enough technology had not yet been invented to create the visuals he was planning.


  • Avatar was especially praised for its stereoscopy, which means the technique which creates an illusion of depth.


  • Phantasmagorical means “having a fantastic or deceptive appearance, as something in a dream or created by the imagination.”


  • Green screens use a method called chroma-keying – isolating a single colour value in an electronic image, and making its value transparent in post-production, thus allowing another image to be placed instead. Green is the most common colour for the green screen because it doesn’t match any natural skin tone or hair colour (meaning no part of the actor would be edited out in the process). Chroma keying used to be used in weather forecasts too, meaning the weather-announcers needed to be careful about what colour clothes they wore.



Happy, er, belated and un-related camcorder day! 

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  1. Ah, nyt ymmärrän miks se tausta on kuvauksissa neonvihree! Voikohan tällä pätee vai tiesikö kaikki muut jo 😀

    1. Varmaan voi pätee 😀 Mä en ainakaan tiennyt. 😛

  2. I heard that when your parents bought their video camera things ‘digital’ were just beginning to appear. They didn’t really understand the difference, and so bought a non-digital video camera because it was cheaper.

  3. I really enjoyed the see-through tie!

    1. Me too :’D

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