Jan 11th: Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Today is Human Trafficking and Slavery Awareness Day.

Slavery is not just a horrible story from history books, but still a lucrative crime growing actively in the 21st century. Today it is a multi-billion dollar global industry taking place in our own communities, preying on people who are often initially promised a life filled with hope.

Estimates vary, but depending on the source, there are currently 25-27 million victims of human trafficking and slavery. Human trafficking is defined as the recruitment, transportation or receipt of people by means of threat, force, fraud or abuse of power or the other person’s vulnerability. It also includes the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to accept a person having control over another person for the purpose of exploitation. (My own summary of a longer list.)

Human trafficking and slavery includes anything from prostitution or other forms of sexual of exploitation, to forced labour and the removal of organs. It is an appalling part of today’s society, which as a not-so-visible problem, can sometimes be overlooked and even forgotten.

One of the campaigns for today was #wearblue. Unfortunately I missed this, but here’s a blue banner for you, just as a reminder of the atrocities that persist in our world.

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  1. Thank you for playing your part in exposing this crime.

  2. Erittäin tärkeä postaus – kiitos!

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