Jan 10th: Houseplant Appreciation Day

I appreciate my Christmas cactus. It requires little attention (I think) and it is a nice memory from an English course I taught last autumn at a hospital.

Houseplants actually have many benefits in the same way as trees outside do. There are loads of studies proving the positive, productivity-improving and happiness-enhancing magic of green, live things sitting motionless in your bedroom/lounge/office/wherever. Plants help increase oxygen levels and cleanses the air around us, they also have wide-spread effects on decreasing fatigue and aches and pains.

I celebrated by buying a friend for my Christmas cactus.

Say hello Piikki

I feel like I’m sort of cheating as I ended up with another long-life-you-have-to-try-really-hard-to-have-it-die-on-you-plant. Like choosing China in Rise and Rule of Ancient Empires.

But it called my name, and I looked at it and it was true love, it told me its name was Piikki (‘Spike’, named after that character from Land Before Time) and so I had to take him home. <3


But all in all, houseplants are less effort than dogs, healthier than kale, prettier than modern art and greener than spinach. Go for them! 

Take care of them, give them a moment, appreciate them.

Happy Houseplant Appreciation Day! 

Cacti pals

2 Replies to “Jan 10th: Houseplant Appreciation Day”

  1. May Piikki grow tall and strong like her uncle on our window sill!

  2. I’m not surprised Piikki stole your heart – he is really cute!

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