Feb 9th: National Pizza Day

Pizza day, what an excuse!

I celebrated Pizza day by visiting this interesting Pizzarium lunch restaurant I’d been interested in trying for a long time. I went with my friend Hanna and both decided on the eggplant and mushroom pizza without knowing it was the vegan option. Meaning no cheese. Ah well.

Vegan pizza

But as cheeseless pizzas go, this was actually quite nice.

The original ancestor of pizza is presumed to be focaccia bread with toppings. And that’s what our pizza day pizza felt like. Us history nerds.

Meaty kinds
Blessings on your pizza day! 

4 Replies to “Feb 9th: National Pizza Day”

  1. What an excellent excuse! To me, the very cheesy one recommended by Father Francesco himself looked the most succulant. 🙂

    1. We can go one day!

  2. Pizza without cheese – it still counts as pizza does it?!

    1. Bah bien sur!

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