Feb 7th: Grenada Independence Day

Some two million years ago, Grenada was an underwater volcano. Now it is an island in the southern Caribbean with a population of 107,000 and known as the Spice Island – it even has a nutmeg in its flag.

Christopher Columbus sighted it for the first time in 1498 during his third voyage and named it “La Concepción” after the Virgin Mary. It was named “Mayo” by Amerigo Vespucci a year later (who also was behind the contemporary name for the whole continent today), and finally Los Granadillos (Spain), then to become La Grénade, when it turned to France.

Grenada celebrates its independence today – on the 7th of February, 1974, they declared themselves independent from Great Britain.

Their culture is an interesting mix of French and African and their national food is called an Oildown. They are a great storytelling nation mixing the two cultures, and their most prevalent character is a guy called Anancy who appears to spend half of his time as a spider.

I celebrated by practising my Caribbean islands with an online quiz. Not a strong point of mine, but after eight attempts I managed to get 100%! How about you? 

Screen shot

Happy Independence Day Grenada!

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  1. 40% – and got almost none right first time round 🙁 Sounds like a fun place – what does a return flight from Helsinki cost?

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