Feb 6th: International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation

The sixth of February spreads awareness on the traumatic, dangerous and detrimental Female Genital Mutilation (FMG). 

Female circumcision usually removes a significant part of the genitalia, resulting in a magnified risk of all kinds of serious infections and health problems. It is a hugely painful and traumatic experience, in the mutilation itself as well as in the years to come with sexual intercourse, conceiving and ultimately giving birth through the tiny hole which remains.

Often carried out under primitive and unsanitary conditions without anesthetic, FGM can cause severe pain, bleeding, and swelling that may prevent passing urine or feces. In the long term, it leads to chronic pelvic infections, urinary tract infections, and birth complications for mothers and children. The horror of the event – including being physically restrained against their will – affects many women for years,” describes World Vision. Reasons behind this tradition are deeply entrenched in culture, and it is difficult to change the mentality, social pressure and the misconceptions.

Organisations like World Vision are working hard to eliminate this disastrous tradition. They believe strongly that FMG can be eliminated in a generation.

More about work towards the eradication of Female Genital Mutilation here.



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  1. Thank you for raising awareness by posting this!

  2. Good work, World Vision.

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