Feb 4th: Thank A Post(wo)man Day

I’m not quite sure why the day for thanking delivery people is on a Sunday, but today inspired me to actually finish the letter I started on National Handwriting Day , put it in an envelope and write a little note for the people who handle my letter. I don’t have huge hopes that they’ll actually respond to my greetings (I’m sure Finnish law has some explicit legal consequences for employees who write on other people’s envelopes, even if they are asked to), but alas, we’ll find out one day soon hopefully.

The back of my envelope

Maybe, just in case, I’ll do a big shout out here, too:

Thank you to all of you who help letters, post cards and packages find their way to their new home! <3

I wonder if the modern version of today would be “Thank The Administrators Of Snapchat Day”.


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  1. Let’s see if your recipient tells you whether any postal persons added their greeting 🙂

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