Feb 3rd: Ice Cream For Breakfast Day

You yell, I scream, this sounds like a good day. 

At least the breakfast part was. I bought Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough and a traditional vanilla-strawberry-chocolate trio and my housie and I had ice cream for breakfast with bits of cinnamon bun in it.

Not exactly instagram material, I admit

Apparently Ice Cream For Breakfast day was thought up on a whim by an American mum in the 1960s in order to entertain her children on a blizzardy winter’s day. Later on, her kids and grandkids travelled extensively and therefore spread this cool tradition to the far-away corners of the non-official national day calendars of the world. I’m not complaining.

Jääkarhu tykkää jääkermasta

Happy Ice Cream For Breakfast Day!

(and if you missed it, no worries, I’m sure you can celebrate it a day late… or every day… forever…)

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  1. If the American nun invented this day during a winter blizzard she ought to have made it Hot Chocolate With A Marshmallow On Top Day rather than I Scream Day!

  2. True dat, but it was an American mum with m’s 😉

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