Feb 10th: Umbrella Day

National umbrella day was celebrated on the 10th of February, a day without rain, or snow, or excessive sunshine, or even cocktails to be adorned. The oldest reference to a collapsible umbrella is from 21 AD, when Chinese usurper/social reformer Wang Mang had one designed for a ceremonial carriage of his.

I have no strong affection for umbrellas, and they still maintain second place in the List of Things I Lose in Life. (First place is, somewhat surprisingly, still Black Cardigans.)

Since I had no use for the physical object, I celebrated by listening to UMBRELLA by Rihanna. Now I need to get another song playing on repeat in my mind…





3 Replies to “Feb 10th: Umbrella Day”

  1. Nice picture. I remember visiting those umbrellas too… on the back of a Vietnamese motorbike 🙂

    1. Thanks for pic credits!

  2. And one of them Black Cardigans was found recently!

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