The Clash of Beaches


What do you think of if I ask you to imagine a Beach? Translucent turquoise waters lapping the warm silky sand of the pristine coastline, with a few perfectly placed palm trees bordering the natural greenery of this secluded beach where it just happens to be just you? Or a packed shore full of stressed, […]

The Scenic Routes of Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc Scenic Route

First, a disclaimer: This all happened in November 2015, at the end of the rainy season, so don’t take this as up-to-date fact, but more as an entertaining story. I’m sure Phu Quoc is very different nowadays – and outside the rainy season. The Phu Quoc islands – I’d always heard loads about them. They […]

An Ode to Milk Tea

Some late night poetry inspired by the joyous experience of MILK TEA SOUP… Oh Milk Tea, Oh Milk Tea, How I adore to have you within me, The way your bubbles squelch so gloriously, and your condensed milk adds to the taste so scrumptiously The way the sprinkles on top add a bit of controversy […]

‘ruising and canoeing HALONG BAY

One of the musts of being in the north of Vietnam is visiting the stunner which is Halong Bay. Gorgeous natural beauty, an ancient bay full of, erm, little tree-covered mountains (‘towering limestone islands topped with rainforests’, describes google a bit more poetically) popping out from the sea. The name translates as ‘where the dragon […]