Do it like Dubai

“HAPPINESS IS SITTING DOWN IN AN EMIRATES PLANE.” Especially when that Emirates plane is bound for Dubai. Ever since Tom Cruise climbed that magnificent mirror-covered Burj Khalifa in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, I had near-unhealthy obsession with Dubai. The reflection of Monsieur Cruise (not that I am particularly a fan) and the insane backdrop of […]

Dubai 2 Auckland via Oz

9/12/2013 klo 7.17am(9.17pm previous evening English time? Maybe? So confused), BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA. Tbf, all airports look pretty similar. I honestly can’t believe it.  20mins-ish till boarding my final flight. Just over three hours to NZ. This has gone so quick.   9/12/2013 attempt 2, klo 19.26 (not 10.26 as my computer is claiming, still in […]

London 2 Dubai

8/12/2013, 7.47am. A bit disconcerting since all my gadgets are still on British time saying it’s 3.47am. But it is sunny, hot (apparently 24 degrees), and I am looking over the skyscrapers of Dubai OH YES I AM. Sat in an apparently Irish café eating a mahoosive fruit salad and cappucino which came to God […]