Welcome to my website!

My name is Emma-Liisa and the world is my dragon fruit. Don’t expect hardcore full-on unbiased information, but more of my own personal view on the quirky details of this insane (in the good and the bad) world we live in.

Things that make life awesome: dragon fruit, aeroplanes, the human mind, Dubai, sausage dogs, trams, skyscrapers, the French language, raw dough, rocks, chocolate milk, Agatha Christies, cultural misunderstandings, Inception, writing, jumping pictures, lucid dreams, travel (time and without), red lipstick, gingerbread lattes, table tennis, our solar system, shoulder tops, motorbikes, Prison Break, Royal Gala apples, sleep, capybaras, pink skies, oat milk, historical ruins, Russia, Settlers of Catan, cinnamon buns and the list goes on.

Things that make life less awesome: Less of the above mentioned.




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