Feb 16th: Tết

As well as Chinese New Year, it’s Tết today, otherwise known as Vietnamese New Year. This is the most important celebration in Vietnamese culture, marking the beginning of spring. For Tết cities empty as the Vietnamese go and spend it time with their families, eating traditional foods, including Vietnamese rice cakes (bánh chưng), a different type of glutinous rice […]

Feb 15th: National Hippo Day

Today we celebrate the world’s deadliest large land mammal. As well as being cuddly and frankly a little bit humorous-looking, hippos can be extremely aggressive especially if you get between them and water. The word hippo is translated as “river horse” in many languages, coming from the ancient Greek where hippos means ‘horse’ and potamos means ‘river’. They need […]

Feb 14th: Cream-filled Chocolates Day

otherwise known as Valentine’s Day. Or at least linked to Valentine’s Day. In celebration of this chocolateful holiday, romantic in many countries, friendship-focused in Finland, I bought a set of Cadbury’s Creme Eggs. I didn’t spend time with my lover or even many friends, but I spent Valentine’s Day waiting for London buses which didn’t […]

Feb 13th: Pancake Tuesday

It’s Shrove Tuesday aka Mardi Gras aka Pancake Day! Since I am currently in England it obviously had to be celebrated with pancakes, and my lovely friend Nicola who I’m staying with obliged to celebrate by making her own recipe of chocolate pancakes for breakfast. And they were absolutely delish, topped with vanilla yoghurt and […]

Feb 12th: Darwin Day

I wonder if there’s an alternate universe somewhere, like in Back to the Future 2, where Charles Darlose thought up the theory of Devolution and Unnatural Selection. Where the weak realm the streets producing even weaker descendants except since it’s all unnatural, they’re not even descendants but some robotic counterparts of a mix of triceratopses […]

Feb 10th: Umbrella Day

National umbrella day was celebrated on the 10th of February, a day without rain, or snow, or excessive sunshine, or even cocktails to be adorned. The oldest reference to a collapsible umbrella is from 21 AD, when Chinese usurper/social reformer Wang Mang had one designed for a ceremonial carriage of his. I have no strong […]

Feb 9th: National Pizza Day

Pizza day, what an excuse! I celebrated Pizza day by visiting this interesting Pizzarium lunch restaurant I’d been interested in trying for a long time. I went with my friend Hanna and both decided on the eggplant and mushroom pizza without knowing it was the vegan option. Meaning no cheese. Ah well. But as cheeseless pizzas […]

Feb 8th: Borrowing Day

Today Finland celebrates ‘The Day of Borrowing’. Books. I’m a huge advocate for reading books. Unfortunately I couldn’t borrow a book because a) I wasn’t near a library and more importantly b) I have fines I would have needed to pay beforehand, but I celebrated by reading and writing. I’m reading One Flew Over the […]